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There are small taxi airplanes -Táxi Aéreo Service – that takes off from Salvador International Airport.


In Salvador, go to Terminal São Joaquim, the boat station. Take the ferry-boat to Bom Despacho. The crossing takes one hour.

In Bom Despacho, take a bus to Valença (2:30hr ride) -buses leave every 30 minutes. We recommend you take the express bus. You can also go to Valença by van or  taxi from Bom Despacho.

In Valença, go to the town port and take a boat to Boipeba. The ride up a river lasts one hour. On the isle of Boipeba, walk to the tractor drivers’ stop. They take people to the village of Moreré. The tractor ride to Moreré takes about 20 minutes.

Another choice from Salvador, if you want a faster crossing to Bom Despacho: go to Terminal Marítimo at Mercado Modelo and take a boat to Mar Grande: the crossing takes 30 minutes. In Mar Grande, there are taxis and vans to Valença, but not buses.

To take any of these means of transportation, it is necessary to leave Salvador early.

There are no boats to Boipeba after sunset. We also recommend you book your boat tickets before hand:

Empresa  Garça Branca:  55 75 3653-6167




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